Youth pelt stones to stop army soldiers from removing anti-India graffiti in South Kashmir

Shopian, June 12: In a bid to stop army soldiers from removing anti-India graffiti, youth in a South Kashmir village pelted stones, forcing soldiers to fire shots in air. The incident occurred in Shopian village DK Pora.

Anti-India graffiti appears almost in every part of South Kashmir. At some places army and other security agencies have defaced them but still there are such graffitis present in scores of areas. Anti-anti slogans including Go India Go Back, We want freedom, Free Kashmir etc are found inscribed at walls, shop shutters, electric polls and other structures.

Reports said that army soldiers on Tuesday emerged in DK Pora with an intention to remove such graffities, however, they came under massive stone pelting attack. The soldiers resorted to aerial firing creating panic in the area. The clashes between youth and army continued for quite some time. Army according to reports also used drones to monitor the possible activities of militants. Locals said that army drone was also attacked by youth with stones.

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