We win or die but won’t surrender before might of India: Malik to Gen Rawat

‘Sooner or later India has to free JK from its illegal occupation’

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday said that sooner or later India has to free Jammu Kashmir from its illegal occupation as it is the truth that triumphs at the end not the military might.

“If assertions of Indian army chief regarding Azadi contained any ingredient of reality, more than half of the world including India would have been still reeling under foreign occupations today,” Mali said in a statement issued to KNS.

Malik who is in police custody from May 05 was today taken to hospital for required medical checkups.
Doctors took samples of his blood and performed many other investigations regarding his health. He has been shifted back to police station after the checkups, a spokesman said.

Terming Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat’s statement regarding Kashmir as ‘self-contradictory and most illogical’, Malik said that General Rawat needs to revisit basic historical facts before issuing such threats to a nation that has resolved to achieve freedom (Azadi) from illegal occupation.

He said that from boasting about Indian military might to talk of trains, fruit business and tourism, General Rawat wants Kashmiris to surrender before Indian might without even realizing that many Generals before him failed to achieve this wishful goal despite using all their military might and deceitful political and diplomatic games.

Malik said that “our reply to General Rawat is same that was given by Gandhi Jee to a British envoy who had posed same type of question to him that how can poor Indian fight British military might and survive as an independent state without British help, Gandhi had replied that he would prefer a non-competent poor independent country over a competent and wealthy illegal occupation and slavery.”

Malik said that “throughout history we see imperialist occupational powers using same language of intimidation against subjugated nations like Bipin Rawat is using against Kashmiris but the same history stands as a witness that it were not Hitler, Mussolini, Halakoo, Radovan Karadžic, Slobodan Miloševic and tyrants like these who triumphed in struggle between powerful and powerless but the oppressed who had the last laugh.

He said that sooner or later India has to free Jammu Kashmir from its illegal occupation as it is the truth that prevails at the end not the military might which General is boasting about. “General Rawat needs to revisit history again because if his assertions regarding Azadi may have been containing any ingredient of reality, more than half of today’s free world including India itself would have been still reeling under foreign occupations,” he said.

He said that in war between the powerful and powerless, it is not the mighty that wins but the truth those triumphs at the end. Malik said that not only is the contemporary History of nations a witness to this fact but the history of religions and faiths also reveal the same fact and Indian army chief needs to relook into these facts.

Malik said that from 1947 till date, Indian army and forces has killed hundreds of thousands in Kashmir. “Only during last three decades more than one hundred thousands have been massacred by Indian forces.

Thousands have disappeared in their custody, while as thousands of unmarked graves, hundreds of women whose chastity was attacked by Indian forces, thousands of custodial killings, burning down and blasting of properties worth billions, thousands whose eye sight have been snatched and thousands who have been jailed and tortured are all witness to use of brutal force by India,” he said.

Malik said that Bipin Rawat is threatening Kashmiris of much more force but he needs to know that this is actually unmasking his countries so-called biggest democracy claims. He said Gandhi succeeded in his non-violent struggle because British empire provided him and his Indian national congress genuine political space but today the biggest democracy called India using its military, police and forces has choked every little space on peaceful political activities, pushed our youth in political movement to the wall by torturing them and humiliating their families in police stations and camps and hence leaving no other option for them but to go for an ultimate sacrifice.

Quoting great freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, Malik said that US president Bill Clinton has mentioned in forward of a book on Mendela that when he (Nelson Mendela) was asked why he and his African national congress started Armed struggle against apartheid his reply was, “A freedom fighter learns the hard way that it is the oppressor who defines the nature of the struggle, and the oppressed is often left no recourse but to use methods that mirror those of the oppressor. At a point, one can only fight fire with fire”. JKLF chairman said, adding that Kashmiris have resolved to free their nation from illegal occupation and it is our pledge that we win or die but will never surrender before the might of India. (KNS)

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