UN Security Council must pressurize Pakistan to change its behavior : US

Kabul: After returning back from a United Nations Security Council visit to Afghanistan, Nikki Haley said to the reporters, Afghanistan government has asked 15-member powerful wing of the world body to intensify pressure on Pakistan.

Ms. Haley said, “they did ask us for consensus to put more pressure on Pakistan to come to the table and change their behavior.”

Haley did not clearly mention what plan of action could be taken to pressure Pakistan, but the council has the power to impose sanctions.

Haley said the Afghanistan government “go on to make 10 steps forward, and with Pakistan, they feel like they continue to take steps backward.”

United Nations Security Council members visit to Kabul came ahead of the Kabul Process meet in February where the government of Afghanistan is going to present its plan for reaching a settlement with the Militant group.

Haley said the Afghanistan government is starting to see the Taliban give up, starting to see them move towards coming to the table.

Pakistan is accused of assisting the Taliban group and various terror groups in Afghanistan.

US blocked nearly USD 2 billion in security assistance to Pakistan mentioning that Pakistan is not playing any positive role against terrorists operating on its soil.

US officials believe that Pakistan’s intelligence group and military forces have been helping to provide funds and arms to militant group ‘Taliban’ in Afghanistan.

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