UK: Kashmir Campaign Global to Launch ‘KASHMIR AWARENESS PUBLIC CAMPAIGN’

Press Release by Kashmir Campaign Global 

London, UK: Zaffar Quraishi, chairman of Kashmir Campaign Global today has announced that a series of campaigns will be launched across the UK and other parts of the world throughout the year to create awareness about the Kashmir issue.
“It has been 70 years since India, Pakistan, and international world promised a free and impartial referendum in Jammu & Kashmir, “Zaffar Quraishi said.

“During the last 30 years alone, India has been ruling and subjugating the rightful aspirations of the people as promised by the international community through 17 UNSC resolutions by using the draconian laws such as AFSPA (Armed forces special powers act) and PSA (Public safety act). These black laws have given immunity to Indian security forces and agencies since 1990 as result there are over 95,000 killed, 10,000 missing persons in Kashmir and thousands of unidentified graves littered across the border of Jammu Kashmir. 8,000 half widows waiting for their husbands with no answers from the government are they dead are alive after being picked by the security agencies, over 1000s of human rights violated daily in Indian Occupied Kashmir, and yet the world seems to have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the atrocities committed by the illegally occupying Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir” Zaffar Quraishi made the remarks at a press conference today in the headquarters of Kashmir Campaign Global in London. Zaffar Quraishi serves both president and board chairman of Kashmir Campaign Global. In addition to his vocal activities against human rights violations and freedom for Jammu & Kashmir from the occupation, Quraishi is an active member of the community and works in a tech industry.
“It is duty of every individual, organization, institute and government to protect the rights of every individual, stand up against the atrocities and promote peace and unity, ensure people have been given the right to choose” said Zaffar Quraishi. “The people of Kashmir are a peace-loving people and demand what is rightfully theirs and have been promised for 70 years – the basic human right – right to freedom and right to choose”
Zaffar Quraishi emphasized that war between India and Pakistan is not solution to this issue, neither can the issue be resolved bilaterally, Kashmir issue is an international issue and must include people of Kashmir as core party to any dialogue related to the solution of Kashmir. Mr Quraishi also stressed that UN must take an active role in ensuring that peace is restored in the territory, playing a passive back-bench role is not the way to resolve the Kashmir dispute but an active decisive role that will ensure both India and Pakistan abide by the resolutions they agreed upon.
“In spite of being an economic hub in South Asia the situation faced by millions of inhabitants is not good. Millions of people still live below poverty line, there is a marginalization of communities, prosecution, and discrimination. The situation of minorities and the atmosphere of fear they are living under is not portrayed in the media as the magnitude. The extreme views shared by the ruling class about majority’s Hindu identity and incidence of reprisal have caused fear psychosis in minorities like Muslims, Christians, and Dalits. The open slaying of people who eat beef or are transporting bovines is a stark example.” said Dr. Hussain
Zaffar Quraishi said “The series of campaigns are aimed to raise awareness of the mass human rights violations taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir and ensure the masses are educated about their role in creating a peaceful world. The series of campaigns will be launched in London on 26th January via digital media, billboards, and other means of communication. Kashmir Campaign Global will continue to work across the globe on every platform including academic, political, and social to create awareness and work towards a peaceful solution. Indian government is using draconian laws to suppress the voices of people, Facebook pages that highlight the atrocities committed by Indian forces have been blocked in Kashmir including Kashmir campaign facebook page”
The people of Kashmir express their gratitude for the support that international community especially the British people have demonstrated during the uprising of 2016 as well as after, but this support must continue and the government of UK, as well as the governments of other countries, must unite and seek a peaceful solution.

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