Thousands more US-backed fighters prepared for war in Syria’s Hasakah

Thousands of US-backed fighters from the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli have recently been commissioned into service after completing their Pentagon-assisted training program.  Pro-Kurdish ANHA news agency reported on Friday.

The US-backed fighters – a mix of Arabs, Turkmen, Kurds, Assyrians and various other ethnicities – are tasked with the protection of Qamishli and its surrounding countryside. Most of them are locals to the area.

“Some 3,500 new fighters officially entered service with the US-backed Self-Defense Forces (HXP) – an extension of the better known Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF),’ the reports say.
The number of new recruits being commissioned was so large was that several separate ceremonies were required.

Thousands more US-backed fighters prepared for war in Syria’s Hasakah/ PIC: ANHA NEWS

The addition of thousands of more ranks into HXP comes at a time when Turkey is threatening additional operations against Pentagon-led Syrian forces, including in the province of Hasakah where Qamishli City is located.

The US-backed Self-Defense Forces (HXP)  serve as an auxiliary force which defends the gains made by SDF, allowing the later to maintain its full strength for offensive operations.

HXP fighters are almost always assigned to defend areas of SDF-held Syria where they themselves originate from as individuals.

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