Taliban’s hold rising in Afghanistan, US urges Pakistan to expel Taliban Leaders

Kabul: The recent Taliban attack on Kabul’s Inter-Continental Hotel, which ended after a 13-hour siege on Sunday morning and killed 22 people with several other injured, leads us to the present political dilemmas faced by Afghanistan and its patron, including India.
Taliban, photo Credit : isafmedia
The administration of President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah, artificially put together by the US in 2014 when the presidential election did not provide any conclusion, was of doubtful legitimacy in the eyes of the public. And when the administration of Afghanistan failed to get authorization for itself and the post especially made for Dr. Abdullah from the Loya Jirga (the traditional Afghan forum), the doubtful legitimacy came to be strengthening into the eyes of the public. Indeed, the government experienced nervousness and did not even call a Loya Jirga within the provided two years to make the crucial constitutional changes. The Ashraf Ghani administration is not likely to continue working.
This has negatively impacted the already deteriorating American prestige in Afghanistan in a very fundamental sense. In light of this, various nodes within Afghan society have requested to re-position themselves in the past year for a possible political turmoil that is not too far.
At the political level, former President Hamid Karzai is leading in these efforts. And at the level of politics, it is Taliban which made a thrilling recovery by using offence as their option to advance itself, and credit goes to the complete failure of 15 years of total American mishandling.
In past 9-10 months, there have been maximum daring attacks mostly by Taliban in Afghanistan’s Kabul – the world’s  most politically preferred city and where US officials sit right at the center of things, examining the failure of their efforts. Varying estimates claim that Taliban now controls a large area of Afghanistan – from about a third to half the 34 provinces.
This points out the possibility of the advance of the Pakistani agenda when it comes to creating watershed arrangements for Afghanistan’s future administration, and the advance will probably occur not only through Taliban but also the US if the past is any guide. The United States cannot separate itself from Pakistan, Pakistan’s support is needed for Afghanistan’s stabilization, which will remain continue to be an important American consideration.
The government of India has been in contact with the Trump administration for its own interests, it could instruct the United States to concentrate on the prime Afghan concern of ending United States bombardments within Afghanistan.
United States President Donald Trump in August 2017 made his remarks that he wants to develop a strategic partnership with India more, in order to achieve country’s goals in Afghanistan.
Days after the dread strike in Kabul that killed 22 individuals, the US has asked Islamabad to instantly capture or oust Taliban leaders completing fear exercises over the fringe in Afghanistan and keep them from utilizing a Pakistani area to help its operations.
A White House statement in this regard came days after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a major attack at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul that killed at least 22 people.”We call on Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel the Taliban’s leaders and prevent the group from using Pakistani territory to support its operations,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters at her daily news conference.

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