Taliban Confirms Afghan Peace Meetings with Pakistan, China and Qatar

ISLAMABAD: With a desire to find a solution to the Afghan war,  the Taliban Political officials have submitted a report to their top leadership after concluding talks with the officials in Pakistan and representatives from other nations, including  China and Qatar.
In a Pashto-language statement circulated to media Wednesday,  the Islamist insurgency confirmed for the first time that a  five-member delegation from the Taliban’s Qatar-based Political  Office recently traveled to Islamabad and held talks with officials there.
The statement said the visit was initiated when the government of  Pakistan offered to mediate in finding a political solution to the Afghan conflict and exchange views with the Taliban.
Both sides exchanged and listened to each other perspective on how to promote a peaceful settlement to the conflict, according to the Taliban statement, Taliban delegation later met with officials from China, Qatar, and other nations to discuss ways to end the crisis in Afghanistan.
The statement added, “We have submitted our report to our  leadership based on our discussions and will take further steps  after receiving instructions from them.”
However, officials in Pakistan have not yet commented, nor have they confirmed meeting  Taliban officials. Diplomatic sources have confirmed to Voice Of America (VOA), that the Taliban delegation visited Pakistan earlier this month.
The insurgent delegation consisted of Jan Muhammad Madani,  Maulvi Shahabud Din Dilawar, Syed Rasool Haleem, Muhammad  Suhail Shaheen and Qari Deen Muhammad.
Moreover, the Taliban reiterated in Wednesday’s statement, “The  Islamic Emirate (the Taliban) wants to emphasize that it desires a durable solution to the Afghan issue but needs the root causes (to) be addressed first so that our people would be able to live peacefully.
At a time when Pakistan is under pressure from the United  States to stop helping terrorists, including those of the  Taliban-allied Haqqani Network, with Islamabad refusing the allegations, Taliban visited Pakistaninterestingly.
United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley,  recently said, “They [the Afghan government] are starting to  see the Taliban concede, they are starting to see them move  towards coming to the table.”

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