Stop violation of human rights, Pakistan warns India

Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday warned India to refrain from any misadventure across LoC and the working boundary, in the wake of an attack on Sunjuwan camp in which soldiers and their families were
Saturday’s attack on the Sunjuwan camp in Jammu was the worst in months, with five soldiers and the father of one of the soldiers killed, about 10 were injured including a women and children.

India said the heavily armed attackers were members of the Pakistan-based Jaish-e- Mohammad (JeM) group, drawing criticism from Pakistan about rushing to judgement without a proper inquiry.
“It is a well-established pattern that Indian officials begin making irresponsible statements and leveling unfounded allegations even before any proper investigation in any incident has been initiated,” Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Pakistan said that India was making these allegations to divert attention from its brutality is inflicting on the people of Kashmir, and warned against any retaliatory measures across the Line of Control.
“We hope that international community would urge India to stop the untold atrocities and gross violations of human rights in Kashmir, refrain from any misadventure across the LoC and the working boundary, and call for a peaceful and negotiated settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, in line
with the United Nations Security Council resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people,’ the Foreign Office said.
India has long accused Pakistan of Training and arming militants and helping them infiltrate across the
heavily militarized LoC into Jammu and Kashmir.

The head of the Jammu and Kashmir state police, Shesh Paul Vaid told the reporters that they had communication intercepts pointing to JeM, which has emerged as a top group fighting hundreds of thousands of Indian forces in Kashmir. The Army said the attackers wore fatigues and had assault rifles, a UBGL and grenades.

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