Stop exploiting killings in Kashmir for political gains: Rasheed to Delhi

Kupwara: MLA Langate, Engineer Rasheed has cautioned New Delhi not to use the killing of local Kashmiri army men killed in Sunjuwan attack for political gains.

Engineer Rasheed while addressing a public gathering in Kupwara said, New Delhi must own the moral responsibility of all these killings.

Rasheed rejected the propaganda being carried out by a section of Delhi media while trying to give the notion that participation in the funerals of soldiers reflects a change in the mindset of the people of Kashmir.

Rasheed said, “Kashmiris never supported violence and it was always forced upon them. They are being pushed to a position where some took the path of violence as a means to make their voice on Kashmiri issue heard.”

“It is the real spirit of Kashmiriyat and the religious obligations to offer and participate in the last rites of the soldiers unlike the Indian agencies who have been so brutal that they bury the bodies of mujahideen at unknown places even without offering their last rites properly,” he said.

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