Stand up united to be counted on sides of justice: Safina Beigh tells women

Srinagar, Apr 29 (KNS): Terming women the worst sufferers of the turmoil in Kashmir, President of PDP’s women’s wing Safina Beigh on Sunday reiterated the party’s pledge to take the women of the state out of the squalid conditions and make them the ambassadors of peace and tranquillity.

Addressing her first women’s convention at old city’s Khanyar after being nominated as PDP’s head of the women’s wing, Safina termed Srinagar the heart of Jammu and Kashmir. She further stated that the old city of state’s summer capital is the most revered and sacred place as it houses the holy shrines of great saints and seers.

While addressing the gathering that witnessed the participation of women in large numbers across Srinagar, Safina said she choose Khanyar as the venue of her first convention so that her mission to accord dignity and honour to the already perturbing women folk could achieve success through the blessings of the revered saints like Dastgeer Sahib (RA), Maqdoom Sahib (RA), Hazrat Ameer Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) and several others.

Safina reiterated her party’s pledge to get women empowered and provide them new avenues for life and new reasons to dream. “It is not just an electoral preparation, it an earnest attempt by the party in general and by the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, in particular, to establish the incorruptible and unbreakable contact between the women of the state and the PDP. We are sure that our earnest efforts will help up to steer the ship to the shore and we shall witness a new dawn of felicity and impeccable desire to rebuild the state once again,” she said.

Urging the women of Srinagar to come forward and play an active role in rebuilding Jammu and Kashmir into a prosperous and tranquil state, Safina said that it is the high time for women of Kashmir to stand up united to be counted on the sides of justice and empowerment. She added that it is a fact acknowledged by all across the globe that a woman brings a stream of compassion into a cesspool of hatred and animosity.

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