Srinagar Jail,a Hub For Recruiting Militants With Parallel Administrative Set-up

A report by The Jammu and Kashmir CID says Srinagar Central Jail is a hub for recruiting militants with prisoners establishing a “parallel administrative” set-up, ignored by local police despite warnings by prison authorities.

Srinagar: According to a report, obtained by PTI, the prisoners in Srinagar central jail, have a “parallel administrative set-up” with an ‘Ameer-e-Zindaan’ (chief of prison) appointed by a self-styled ‘shura’ (a consultative council) for six months. The report says that the Jail is a hub recruiting militants with prisoners establishing a “parallel administrative” set-up, ignored by local police despite warnings by prison authorities.

Director General of Police SP Vaid sent the report, prepared under inspector general of the state Criminal Investigation Department, to Principal Secretary (Home) Raj Kumar Goyal last year. He also sought stricter vigilance within the prison.

The role of the Central Jail is at present so important that every new militant is recruited only after approval from inside the prison, the report said.

The Former Director General of prisons SK Mishra said in a long reply to the report that he had been continuously highlighting the issue and happenings in Central Jail Srinagar, even informed the state home department about several communications to former inspector IGP (Kashmir) Munir Khan and the DIG for a thorough search of jail but this was not done.

In his reply to the principal home secretary, Mishra said, he had been warning and highlighting the issues related to poor infrastructure in the jail which did not allow for proper segregation of the prisoners.

Mishra, who is now chairman-managing director of JK Police Housing Corporation, said he had decided to shift many hardened militants and their sympathisers outside Kashmir but this could not be done following orders from various courts. He said the Srinagar central jail authorities use a thin force to discipline the prisoners. At a time only five to twenty police personnel remain inside to guard the 300 prisoners, Mishra said he was not expecting this. he said the Central Jail is located in the heart of downtown Srinagar and high-profile militants lodged there have links with locals in the area.

“They (militants) directly or indirectly threaten the staff,” he said, adding that this was not brought to the notice of senior jail officials.

(Inputs PTI)

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