Situation tense along LOC,cross-border firing continues

In the latest ceasefire violations in the border villages of Jammu region, civilians were killed and three others were injured on both sides of LINE OF CONTROL (LOC), officials reported.

Shesh Paul Vaid, the State police chief told reporters, that the two civilians, along with the 52-year-old woman, were killed in shelling from the Pakistani side in RS Pura sector in Jammu region.

In latest ceasefire violation, three civilians were killed on both the sides, officials from the two countries reported.

Indian police S.D. Singh said two civilians lost their lives and at least 10 were injured in Indian-held Kashmir. Reports from the Pakistani officials reveal that
Indian fire on Friday killed a civilian and injured nine others in Sialkot, Punjab.

Soldiers were retaliating to Pakistani firing and shelling on dozens of border posts and referred it an “unprovoked” violation of the 2003 cease-fire accord, the paramilitary officer said.

Annoyed over the ongoing ceasefire violations, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner J.P. Singh and condemned what it called “gratuitous cease-fire violations” from the Indian side.

Both countries have accused the other of causing past border unpremeditated fighting
and resulting in civilian and forces casualties.

S.D. said shells have landed in dozens of areas since early Friday, authorities deployed bulletproof
vehicles to pull out people who either were injured or sick.

Authorities have called closure of schools, following the continuous firing along border, and have advised residents to remain indoors as shells and bullets rained down.

Pakistan pledged India to respect the cease-fire accord, investigate the recent incidents and maintain peace on the frontier.

It also asked India that U.N.Military Observer Group to be allowed in India and Pakistan, to play its critical role in accordance with Security Council resolution.

“This unusual rapid increase in cease-fire violations by India is not stopping” since 2017 even though they were they were asked to restrain, Pakistani’s statement said.

The fierce fire exchange comes days after Pakistan accused Indian forces of killing 4 Pakistani soldiers along the LoC in Kashmir that is guarded by the armies of Pakistan and India.

India accuses Pakistan of arming and training the rebels, which Pakistan denies.

Nearly 100,000 people have been killed in the uprising since 1989.

Meanwhile, National Conference Working President and former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir urged Indo-Pakistan to start a dialogue to make sure the ceasefire violations on borders end.

Omar Abdullah said, ‘Now, this is something that New Delhi and the Islamabad need to sort out,’ adding, ‘We (J&K NC) have constantly said violence is not the solution to J&K problems.’

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