Why silence on death of Muslims in Sunjuwan Attack, asks AIMIM Chief Assaduddin Owaisi

NEW DELHI: AIMIM Chief Assaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday lashed onto those who questioned the patriotism of Muslims, saying why they were silent on this issue.

While referring to the five Kashmiri Muslims, including soldiers, killed in the Sunjuwan army camp attack, All India Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief lashed onto those who raised questions on the patriotism of Muslims, why they are silent now, Owais said.

He said, “Out of the seven killed in Jammu, five were Kashmiri Muslims including a woman who was pregnant. Now everybody is silent on their death,”  and questioned, “why such silence on this issue”?

Hyderabad Member Parliament said the people who question the patriotism of Muslims and those who call Indian Muslims ‘Pakistani’ will have to take the lesson from this.

“We (Muslims) are giving our lives but the militants are killing us too as they are not discriminating anybody on the basis of religion. They treat everyone as Indian. But there are many such people in the country who still question our integrity,” Owaisi maintained.

On Saturday, the suspected JeM militants attacked the armed camp in Sunjuwan, Jammu and took cover in Junior Commissioner residential headquarters, the attack left seven soldiers and one civilian dead, while 10 other persons sustaining injuries, that included six women and children.

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