Separatist Leader,Geelani demands International probe into civilian killings in Kashmir

Srinagar: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G), yesterday paid a rich tribute to the victims of Gaw Kadal massacre appealing international human rights organization to conduct a fair probe into civilian killings in Kashmir.

Lauding the courageous dedication of the victims, Geelani said that “We can never afford to distance from the pious mission of martyrs and need to try our best to get out of this humiliating slavery.”

Geelani said in a statement, “The forces have left their violent footprints in every corner of the state. 28 years ago, people were peacefully protesting at against the involvement of forces when they were showered with bullets from all around, killing more than 50 people.”

He added, “These martyrs are the forerunner of our movement and every soul reminds us of this noble cause. Best way to pay homage to our beloved heroes is that we should not fall prey to the depraved designs of our oppressor. We should remain firm in fighting this oppression  till our last breath and wishfully render any sacrifice to achieve our goal.”

He said, “History may not have witnessed such atrocious acts of barbarism when peaceful protests were suddenly trapped in a pool of bullets by these ruthless beasts. Some jumped in the river Jhelum and others could not even run for their life.”

“Gaw Kadal massacre was planned and carried out by then the saffron brigade governor, but the bloody events thereafter were executed under the nose of so-called Kashmiri leadership which has been advancing on our dead bodies for the last 70 years,” he said.

Geelani said, “We continue to bleed for the last seven decades, but it fails to get any attention from the powers and people who day in and day out are delivering lectures on human rights, democracy, and peace. Unfortunately, our political vultures most ingeniously and hypocritically are in a race to sell our blood and honor for their belly,” he said.

“I appeal for profound and impartial probe of all these unfortunate incidents of mass killings by world human rights bodies like Amnesty International and Asia Watch,” he said.

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