Saudi plans to launch cinemas in 3 months

RIYADH: The meeting was held by the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCMA) headed by the chairman of the committee, Reda Bin Mohammed Al-Haider and attended by other government officials.The meeting was held to prepare directions and set the groundwork for the GCMA in the arrangement for the opening of cinemas in Saudi Arabia.

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In a statement to Arab News, the official spokesperson for the GCMA said, “We are still working with government officials and private companies. In 90 days we will have the details.The meeting thus far has been very productive.”

Al-Haider further said that the ambition of the meeting was to discuss the directorate plan and compulsion of the parties to launch a cinema that meets up the national values through meaningful content that is rational with Sharia and will make sure the ethical values of Kingdom remain preserved.
Al-Haider added to his statement that the authority will keep holding meetings at its headquarters in Riyadh until the clearance of the list of theaters.
On Dec. 11, the board of directors of the GCMA, under the chairmanship of Dr. Awad Al-Awad Minister of Culture and Information had granted the issuance of licenses for those who desire to open cinemas, with the aim of promoting cultural and media development.

The opening of cinemas will strengthen the economy, create new jobs and provide more career-making opportunities in new areas.

Following the announcement made by Saudi authority that commercial cinema will be operating in the
Kingdom as of early 2018, there have been debates going on regarding when, where and what
guidelines will be applied.

It is after 35 years that cinemas will reopen in Saudi Arabia.The announcement opens up a domestic market of more than 32 million people and it is estimated that by 2030, Saudi Arabia will be a hub of more than 300 cinemas, as reported by the board of GCMA.

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