Salahuddin’s family vouches for innocence of Syed Shakil, Says NIA implicated him in a false case

Srinagar, Aug 30: The family of Hizb Chief Syed Salahuddin Thursday expressed concern over the repeated raids by NIA and subsequent arrest of family members particularly Syed Shakeel Ahmed from his Rambagh residence.

In a statement to news agency the family of Syed Salahuddin said that Syed shakeel had earlier cooperated with NIA for questioning; however, based on a deliberate delay in sending the latest summon, which was naturally missed, Syed Shakeel was harassed and subjected to arrest for so called “non-cooperation.”

“Syed Shakeel has been working in SKIMS as lab technologist for last 30 years, whose record of peaceful behavior and attitude could be verified from the concerned authorities. He has been totally law-abiding peaceful citizen, against whom no adverse report or record can be found by police or CID. The allegations by NIA against Syed Shakeel are totally baseless and a bundle of lies. His arrest is part of pressure tactics against syed salahuddin who is away from his family for last more than 30 years. We want to state that the family has grown under the shadow of fear and harassment since then. Our father left the family at a time when all his children were innocent kids.”

“It is here to mention that the ex-CM in a TV interview and statement had stated that she did not allow NIA to arrest Syed Shakeel as there was no evidence against him. She further said that all his sons were living a normal apolitical life like common masses. The highest chair of the state also said that there was nothing against other sons of Syed Salahuddin, Syed Shahid Yousuf who was arrested in October last year and is lying in Tihar jail since,” the statement reads.

“Despite all these facts and acceptances of non-involvement by higher ups of the state, another son of Salahuddin was arrested by NIA which is totally illegal, and nothing but pure harassment. We the family demand an immediate release of innocent Syed Shakeel, who is being implicated by NIA in false cases.”

Meanwhile family approached the concerned authorities about the whereabouts of Syed Shakeel, however, the details have still not been revealed to the family. The family came to know only through media that the arrest was made by NIA.

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