Rouhani to Muslims: Stay United,Put End To Internal Differences and Fight Western Forces

Hyderabad: President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani began his three-day India visit from Hyderabad where he arrived last evening. President Rouhani will also meet President of India, Ram Nath Kovind.

Giving a further boost to cultural ties between India and Iran.Iranian president Hasan Rouhani visited the historic Qutubshahi tombs at Golconda on his second day in Hyderabad. These monuments are popularly known as seven tombs and have been built in Iranian architecture style. This is the first visit by an Iranian President to India in 10 years.

Addressing a meeting of religious leaders belonging to different Islamic schools of thoughts, Rouhani on Thursday, urged all Muslims sects to stay united and fight the Western forces and added that the community should put an end to internal differences. Rouhani said Iran wants peace across the world and friendly relations with not only Islamic countries but other countries as well.

Iranian President’s visit to India comes a month after the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit.

Rouhani also condemned US President Donald Trump for imposing the travel ban on some countries and branding Muslims in wrong way.

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