Radio Pakistan to Air Special Programmes on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Radio Pakistan will air special programmes on 5th February to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people struggling for their right of self-determination under UN resolutions, said a press release issued on Thursday

ISLAMABAD: Radio Pakistan has announced that it will air the special programme on 5th February to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people seeking the right to self-determination under United Nations resolutions.
During the programme ‘Subh e Pakistan’ that starts at 7:10 AM, the message of President and Prime Minister will be aired, a special song, ‘Naghma-i-Kashmir’ including interviews of President and Prime Minister of Azad Jammu Kashmir that will also be part of the special programme.
One minute silence will be observed at 10:00 AM to pay tribute to the martyrs (shuhada) of the freedom struggle of occupied Kashmir.

The struggle of women for the liberation of motherland from India will also part of the programme “Sukhi Ghar” under the title, “Srinagar Ki Betiyan.”
“Ay Jannat Arzi” and interview of Kashmiri leader Mashal Malik titled, “Jed-o-jehd-e Azadi Jammu Wa Kashmir Aur Khawateen Ka Jazba-e Hurriyet’ will also be presented during this programme.
A documentary programme “Kashmir Dispute, Past, Present, and Future” will be put on air at 03:30 PM
Special discussion programme, ‘Jed-o-Jahd-e Azadi-e Kashmir Aur Naujawan will be aired at 04:30 PM.
All the programmes which are scheduled be aired on Radio Pakistan will cover Kashmir related issues and Educational Institutes in Pakistan are organizing programmes and debates relating to Kashmir dispute on 5th of February.

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