PSU releases ‘fact finding report’ on Kashmir, demands Demilitarization, Plebiscite

Jalandhar: A Sikh students’ group known as Punjab Students Union (PSU) had organised a convention and a march regarding the Kashmir issue and right to self-determination of Kashmiris.

Image credit: FPK

The Punjab Students Union (PSU) had sent a fact-finding team to Kashmir a few months ago that had met students, Kashmiri Pandits, journalists and Hurriyat leaders. The event also saw the launch of the report collected by the government.
The PSU has said in a statement, that Kashmir should be demilitarized and the people should be allowed a plebiscite by which they could choose their future.

According to the reports, “the Shiv Sena activists had tried to stop the convention by approaching the civil administration, however, the Union went ahead with their schedule.”
The statement further added that PSU will organize such events in future as well.

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