Police probing ‘internal hand’ in escape of Pakistani LeT militant from SMHS Hospital

SRINAGAR; A day after two policemen were killed and an apprehended Pakistani militant managing to escape in a shootout in SMHS hospital Srinagar, police have disclosed that the apprehended militant had fired on the policemen guarding him and the police are also probing the ‘internal hand’ in the militant attack.
DIG of police Gh Hassan Bhat told Indian Express that police investigation into yesterday’s militant attack in SMHS hospital is going on.

DIG said, “We have gone through the footage of the hospital,” adding that he said only two militants were involved in the attack.
Another police official said police investigations have revealed that Naveed had fired on the policemen escorting him to the hospital and fled.
He said, “It is certain now that Naveed had fired from a pistol on the policemen escorting him to the hospital. We are now investigating wherefrom he had got the weapon.  We are probing whether he had got the weapon in the hospital or was carrying it from the Central Jail,” he added that police is also probing the internal hand in the militant attack.

We are questioning some cops and prisoners in the Central Jail to get to know whether there was some inside help offered to militants in the attack, he said.
The official said it was a well-planned attack, it does not seem surprised attack and militants had prior input about the movement of prisoners and said we are probing how militants came to know that Naveed was taken to SMHS hospital Srinagar for a check-up.

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