PKK vandalize Mosque with anti-Turkey slogans in Germany

BERLIN: Sympathizers of the “The Democratic Union Party/Kurdistan Workers’ Party” terror organisation vandalized a mosque in Hannover, central Germany on Monday, in the most recent occurrence of anti-Turkish violence.

The assailants spray-painted pro-PKK slogans on the walls of a mosque run by the DITIB, a moderate Muslim organization founded by Turkish migrants in the country.

Ali Tetik, head of the mosque association, told Anadolu Agency that the assailants also targeted his house, and spray-painted anti-Turkish slogans on its walls.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party has been banned in Germany since 1993, but it is still active, with nearly 14 thousand followers among the country’s Kurdish immigrant population.

Supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and several far-left German groups backing them, have organised radical and violent protests across the country since Jan. 20, when Turkey began a military operation against terrorist targets in northwestern Syria.

At least 11 mosques run by Turkish-Muslim associations in various German cities have been targeted by the attackers.

Turkey has long criticized NATO partner Germany for not taking genuine measures against the PKK, which uses the country as a platform for their fund-raising, recruitment and propaganda activities.

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