People of Kashmir are tired of militancy: Indian Army Chief

People in Jammu and Kashmir are tired of militancy as they have acknowledged it can’t give them what they need, Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday.

In a Facebook Live session at the continuous Raisina Dialog organized by Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Rawat said that people of Kashmir have come to realize that it isn’t conceivable to withdraw from India.

“The people of Kashmir, I believe, are getting tired of terrorism. They have seen it for a really long time and they have understood that it hasn’t given them what they had wanted for,” he said.

“Oh my goodness, with a nation like India, to look for freedom from a country where we have solid military, extremely solid majority rule government and exceptionally solid government… you can’t withdraw far from India.

“This is the thing that people have realised and keeping in mind that obviously some of them have gotten radicalized into joining terrorism and perhaps it gives them a macho picture or whatever happens, I do feel that the vast majority of them need to join the mainstream, yet some of them who have radicalized I think we have to address those individuals and do with our deradicalisation battle. On the off chance that that works, I think we can succeed in putting an end to terrorism,” he said.

Tha Army Chief said “all terror outfits have a militant and a political front and to manage the threat of terrorism, both need to be addressed at the same time”.

In any case, the political association of the outfits proceeds with its exercises of “teaching, spreading purposeful publicity, age of assets, incorporating into the name of the NGOs”, he said.

Both the activist and political fronts of “dread” gatherings should be tended to at the same time, Rawat said.

The Army Chief also said that as long as Pakistan continues endeavoring to send activists over the fringe, India will continue making a move.

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