Pellet Victims of 2016 ‘Kashmir Unrest’ Seek Help From Society

Srinagar: The pellet victims who were injured during ‘Kashmir unrest 2016’ staged a protest on Monday in the summer capital, Srinagar, seeking withdrawal of FIRs against them and help from the society.

Scores of Kashmiri pellet victims took to streets at Press Enclave in Srinagar, citing that they have not taken any compensation from the government and demanded the withdrawal of FIRs against them.

The pellet victims said that the society is accusing them of taking jobs from the government and government on other hand is not considering them as disabled. The victims said that they face financial problems as they have to go outside the state for the treatment.

Holding placards, which read, ‘Stop harassing pellet victims’,’Eyes are precious’, ‘Stop pellet guns’, ‘Withdraw cases and all charges against pellet victims’, besides other slogans.

The victims said that people have now a different attitude towards them just because people feel the victims have taken compensation or jobs from the state government, which is not true.

People have now a different attitude towards us. But, we want to convey to the people of Kashmir that we have not taken any jobs or compensation from the government this is not true. Only over a dozen victims have taken jobs and there are more than 1200 victims,” the protestors said.

The protestors also urged the society to help them, alleging that the government was not recognizing them as disabled. “We have been left with no option than to seek help from the society. The government is saying that names of the pellet victims mentioned in hospital records aren’t correct. But how does that make any difference? Have we not lost our eyesight,” they said.

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