Peace in South Asia impossible until resolution of Kashmir,says Gen Qayyum

ISLAMABAD: Senator lieutenant General (Retired) Abdul Qayyum, who is on a 3-day official visit to Paris for further strengthening bilateral trade and economic ties between two countries, Wednesday urged France to play its fair role in resolving Kashmir issue in accordance with the United Nations resolutions.

He acknowledged that for lasting peace in South Asia, it was most important to restore peace in Afghanistan and as well as to resolve Kashmir issue, a press release said.

He requested that French parliamentarians expand their collaboration in health, education, agriculture research, construction, investments in energy and industrial sectors.

Credit: Basharat Alam Shah

Other than those parts, he additionally looked for help in accomplishing supportable advancement objectives and Afghan refugees’ repatriation.

During his ongoing stay, he held meetings with a number of French senators and national assembly’s members including French Minister of State for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean Baptistery, President Pak-France Parliamentary Friendship Group Senator Pascal Alizard and Chairman Senate Select Committee on Foreign affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Senator Christian Cambon besides foreign and defence ministries’ officials.

He also witnessed the proceedings of French Senate where he among his other colleagues was warmly welcomed by giving a standing ovation.

The French Senate chairperson saluted Pakistani senators’ delegation, headed by Convener of Pak-France Parliamentary Friendship Group General Abdul Qayyum, and said bicameralism did not only deal with legislative agenda but could also enhance diplomatic relations.

He hoped that inter-parliamentary exchange would further strengthen bilateral bonds and reveal reciprocal opportunities between the two countries.

It is pertinent to mention here that this visit is taking place on the invitation of the French government and it consists of Pakistani senators Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar, Baz Muhammad Khan and Muhammad Saleh Shah.

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