‘Peace Policy’ only way to end Kashmir turmoil, War will push us 30 years back: Hazare

Social activist Anna Hazare today adviced the government that the peaceful means, and not lathis and guns, would help resolve the situation in Kashmir as “non-violence is a more powerful way than violence”.

Hazare while talking to reporters after addressing his maiden public meeting in Jammu, said that more soldiers are losing their lives in ceasefire violations by Pakistan than in wars.

“More jawans are getting killed nowadays than what used to be the casualty figures during wars…A war is not a good thing to happen for both the countries. It will push both of us 30 years back,” Hazare said.

However, he said, “if Pakistan is not going to understand, then a war should take place, once for all.”

Replying to a question on Jammu and Kashmir, Hazare said the country is faced with a lot of problems but these would not get resolved through “lathis or guns”.

“The more we adopt peaceful means, the more the issues will get resolved. Non-violence is more powerful than violent means,” he said apparently referring to militants. He said the people of Kashmir are not outsiders but “our own brothers”.

Earlier in his address, Anna Hazare lashed out at the BJP-led government at the Centre, saying “it is not moving towards strengthening democracy in the country but adopting a dictatorial approach like the British”. He said, three-and-a-half years passed but the good days (achay din) are nowhere near.

(Inputs: PTI)

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