Most of the Palestinians want to eliminate Israel: Poll

Less than 30% back two-state solution, though most opposed violent resistance, and Hamas gaining some support 
JERUSALEM:  The poll conducted by “a leading Palestinian pollster”  through face-to-face interviews among 1,200 adults revealed that Palestinian support for a two-state solution with Israel has dropped to below the 30 percent mark.
Man Waving Palestinian Flag
According to the poll, Palestine public opinion marked a notable shift as people in Gaza Strip and West Bank (68% and  55%, respectively) said that the 5-year goal “should be to work  toward reclaiming all of historic Palestine, from river to  the sea,” a position meaning the elimination of Israel.
Various other data from the survey confirmed the descending trend of support for a two-state solution as an end to the conflict. Two-thirds of people  said that a two-state solution  would be “part of a ‘program of stages,’ to liberate all of  historic Palestine later” and that “resistance should continue  until all of historic Palestine is liberated.”
Majority of respondents expressed opposition to violent resistance against Israel, particularly in the Gaza Strip,  where 70% said Hamas should maintain a ceasefire with Israel and 57% said that Hamas should agree to the PA unity government’s renunciation of violence. In the West Bank, 56%  said that Hamas should adhere to the ceasefire and 50% said it should renounce violence altogether.
The poll revealed that majority of Palestinians 62% of the West Bank and 73% of Gazans expressed the conflict to be solved within the peaceful resolution.
The respondents were asked who should lead the Palestinian Authority in the next two years, 65% chose Fatah leaders, with Mahmoud Abbas leading (30%), then Marwan Barghouti (12%), Mohammed Dahlan (10%) and rest (13% combined), while some  Hamas leaders o won 9% of support in the West Bank and 15% in Gaza.
Mahmoud Abbas has said he supports the two-state solution, while his rival Hamas in Gaza has not backed such statement.

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