Pakistan will keep Kashmir issue alive at UN until it is resolved: Maleeha Lodhi

Fawad with PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi & Dr. Maleeha Lodhi at the UNGA


NEW YORK: Pakistan’s ambassador to United Nations-Maleeha Lodhi told gathering of Kashmiri and Pakistan in New York that Pakistan will keep supporting Kashmiris struggle for self-determination until they achieve their legitimate goal.

Maleeha said Pakistan was working hard at the United Nations in seeking the implementations of its resolution on Kashmir dispute while presiding a meeting organized by Consulate General of Pakistan to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day.
Maleeha told the audience, “The Kashmir issue is alive at the UN and will remain alive until it is resolved.”

Maleeha briefed the audience about the efforts made by Pakistan for the resolution of Kashmir dispute.
The ambassador declared, “Until Kashmir is liberated from Indian occupation, our moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people will continue.”
Earlier, Maleeha Lodhi raised the Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council, alleging it of ‘selective implementation’ of its resolution.

Maleeha said Council should periodically revive implementation of its resolution, particularly on long-standing disputes like that of Jammu and Kashmir, adding that failure to implement its own resolutions weakens not just the Council’s standing in the world, but the United Nations as well.

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