Pakistan: One climber saved, another stranded on “killer mountain”

A French mountain climber on Sunday was rescued from the deadly Himalayan peak in Pakistan known as “Killer Mountain”, but the team was unable to reach her Polish climbing partner.

Elisabeth Revol had been spotted by a Pakistani army helicopter at around 6700 meters and helicopters were then used for the rescue. Another climber, Tomek Mackiewicz remains stranded at 7000 meters waiting to get rescued. Winds of more than 50 miles an hour and a wind chill nearing minus 62 degrees Celsius forced the rescue team to at least temporarily postpone any plans to ascend further to search for Mr. Mackiewicz.

Nanga Parbat is Pakistan’s second highest and the ninth-highest mountain in the world and last claimed the lives of Spanish and Argentinian climbers in June 2017 in an avalanche.

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