Pakistan: Man suspected of rape and killing of Zainab arrested

Islamabad: According to Pak media reports, a man suspected in the rape and killing of a 7-year-old girl has been arrested in a case that stirred outrage across the country. This comes after the Supreme Court on Sunday gave 72-hour deadline to Punjab police head to arrest suspects involved in the rape and killing of Zainab.
Malik Ahmad Khan, the government spokesman of Punjab province, said on Tuesday that the suspect, identified as Imran Ali, was arrested near the city of Kasur where Zainab was killed earlier this month.
Reports from the Express and police officials reveal that Imran has confessed the crime, the reports further reveal that Imran was Zainab’s neighbor.
Zainab Ansari was brutally assaulted and her body was thrown in a garbage dumpster near her house.

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