Not a suicide bomber, Pune woman came to Kashmir in search of a man

Jammu: The Pune woman who was almost labeled a “suicide bomber” by Indian security agencies ahead of Republic Day and was later arrested on Friday came out to be a “Lover” rather than a “Bomber”. Now officials say that she had come in contact with a resident of Uri on Facebook and wanted to marry him.

“She was with the man [she wanted to marry] when she was detained. She had no explosives on her. We are in a fix as no terror charge is made as of now,” a security official said.

The woman had come in contact with a resident of the border town of Uri on Facebook and wanted to marry him. She had informed her mother that she is going to Kashmir.

According to officials, She told her mother that she was going to Kashmir. She said either she would settle down there or become a shahid (martyr), but would never come back. Her mother, fearing for the safety of her daughter, accompanied her to Srinagar.
But after reaching Srinagar, the woman jumped from the vehicle in Budgam. Her mother was unable to trace her and went back to Pune.
Officials say that she has been detained by the police in Jammu, Pune and Delhi in last two years.
Acording to police that in 2015, the woman was a student at Pune convent and was planning to leave the country and join Daesh. Her attempt went unsuccessful when she was detained by the ATS. The Hindu reported

Indian Express reported that in July 2017, investigators nabbed her in Delhi while she was on her way to J&K. She was suspected be in touch with a person in J&K, with whom she wanted to get married and go abroad. After questioning, investigators handed the woman back to her family, with advice that she needed “strong counseling” by experienced Islamic scholars., reported Indian Express.

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