North Korea helping Syria manufacture chemical weapons: Claims UN Report

Washington: North Korea has been delivering equipment to Syria that could be used in the manufacturing of chemical weapons, according to a New York Times report citing United Nations experts. The supplies sent from North Korea include acid-resistant tiles, valves, and thermometers, according to reports.
The remarks came after an article was published in The New York Times about an unreleased UN report about North Korea providing the Syrian Government with materials to make chemical weapons.
UN report provides evidence that North Korean missile technicians have been seen working at chemical weapons and missile plants in Syria.
The report compiled for the UN Sanctions Committee Panel of Experts, a group of investigators focused on North Korea’s compliance with sanctions by the UN,  states that the possible chemical weapons components were part of at least 40 shipments of banned missile parts sent from North Korea to Syria between 2012 and 2017,
According to The New York Times, which has sighted the report.It is not clear whether the report will be released.
“My understanding, I’ve just seen the press reports, is that this is a report that goes to the Sanctions Committee Panel of Experts,” Mr. Dujarric said.
The UN spokesman also said that shelling between rebels and Government forces in Syria had not stopped, despite a UN-ordered ceasefire, and it was not safe for relief crews to get humanitarian
and medical aid to parts of war-ravaged Syria and Eastern Ghouta.

United States officials reportedly believe Assad has secretly kept part of the chemical weapons stockpile and might have continued evolving Syria’s arsenal.

This news comes into the eyes after reports that Myanmar had been receiving ballistic missile technology and weapons from North Korea.

However, Myanmar’s Government has denied having any military ties with North Korea.
It is believed that North Korea earned upwards of $200 million from banned exports in 2017 alone.

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