North Kashmir Village where People have Internet but No Drinking Water

Pattan: People of North Kashmir’s Harinara village of Pattan in district Baramulla are facing an acute shortage of drinking water since years. Locals say that despite multiple attempts at fixing this problem with the concerned authorities nothing has been done to solve the drinking water problem in the village.

A resident of Harinara village, Dr. Showkat told Kashmir Gazette that the women of the village walk miles to get drinking water for their families.
“our women have to walk miles for a single bucket of drinking water and that too is difficult to get sometimes,” Dr. Showkat said.

Dr. Showkat told  Kashmir Gazette that from last so many years, politicians come before elections and make fake promises to rectify the water problem, but once the politicians get elected, they forget to resolve the drinking water problem in the village.

“we don’t want to come on streets to protest but who is forcing us to do so……?”, says Dr. Showkat.

There are internet facilities in our village but I wish not to inform word of an epidemic due to the shortage of drinking water in our village like South Kashmir’s Sone Bari area where Hepatitis C outbreak was reportedly due to the same problem, he added.

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