No woman applied for Hajj without a mahram in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Not a single woman applied for The Hajj (religious pilgrimage) without a mahram (a male guardian) in the Muslim majority state of the country, Jammu and Kashmir.
According to the new Hajj policy, women above 45 years of age can travel to Makkah and perform Hajj without a mahram.
According to government officials, 32332 applications received, no single women desired to travel without a male.
An official of State Hajj Committee reported that although no woman desired to travel alone, a large number of women applied with a mahram.
Even though permissions were granted to travel for hajj without ‘mahram,’ woman will be allowed to go for Hajj without mahram only after the allowance by their school of thought (Maslak).They will have to insert a letter of permission from their respective Maslak.
Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, recently referred the policy allowing Muslim to perform Hajj only in the company of a male as “injustice,” Modi said, that his government has removed the restrictions following which hundreds of women have applied to perform Hajj alone.
Of the total 1,308 women from India who will perform  Hajj in 2018 without a mahram,  1,124 are from Kerala, according to the Hajj Committee of India.

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