Modi asks Pakistan residents to fight poverty

New Delhi: At a time when heavy shelling is on between Indian and Pakistani security forces at the border, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought to reach out directly to the people of Pakistan, asking them if they wanted to fight unitedly with India against poverty, illiteracy and illness instead.

The comment, made by  Modi to a TV channel on Sunday night, is being seen by observers as a strong signal from him directly to the Pakistani people that the current hostility and shelling on the border is not India’s policy but rather a retaliation to the aggression and unprovoked ceasefire violations by Pakistan’s rulers.

In his first comments on the judicial crisis, Modi said the government and political parties must stay out of it while expressing confidence that the judiciary will sit together to find a solution to its problems.

Speaking on GST, Modi said he is open to more changes in the GST to plug loopholes and make it a more efficient tax.

Modi said his slogan of ‘Congress-free India’ is about ridding the country of the “Congress culture” which he termed as casteist, dynastic, corrupt and involving total control over power.


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