Mirwaiz expresses grave concern over killings along LoC

SRINAGAR: Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, APHC chairman, addressing the Friday gathering at the Historic Jama Masjid expressed grave accent and anguish at the bloodshed taking place along the LoC.
Mirwaiz said everyday civilians including children on both sides of LoC are getting killed, becoming the target of the unresolved Kashmir dispute, which is very sad and stressing.
Soldiers also become prime victims of this hate as a result of the dawdle Kashmir dispute. These soldiers on either side belong to the poor family and their killings are equally sad.
Mirwaiz said, “It is surprising that both sides boast of killing soldiers on the other side and swear that deaths will be avenged thus leading to more killings and destruction, including those of civilians.”
“This absurd and bloodshed are referred as nationalism and defense of national honor,” Mirwaiz said.
Mirwaiz urged both the countries to stop these “senseless killings.” He said that the only beneficiaries of this death and destruction are those who provide the arms and ammunition for this chaos.
Mirwaiz also appealed to the Pandit community to return to their origin on the 29th anniversary of their migration from Kashmir.
“People of Kashmir will welcome them with warmth and open arms,” Mirwaiz said.

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