Masjid after seven years converted into residential house; A unique episode in the Islamic history

Srinagar, Sept 15: We the residents of Rainawari Srinagar purchased a property under Khasra No 1672/min. Khata No 652/min and Khewat No. 310/min from its erstwhile owners for the purpose of Masjid through Irfan Ahmad Mugloo S/O Gh Nabi Mugloo R/O Chowderybagh Rainawari Srinagar. The sale consideration passed unto the erstwhile owners through the funds so paid came to be raised by virtue of gifts and donations made by general public for the purpose of establishing the Masjid. Since then we are offering 5 times Prayer Daily and offering call for prayer on Loud Speaker continuously.

In November 2017 we came to know that Irfan Ahmad Mugloo is going to sell the Masjid. We approached Jamiat Ahlehadees Barbarshah Srinagar, then made them aware of the intention of Irfan Ahmad Mugloo but due to poor response from Mufti Mohammad Yaqoob Baba, Ghulam Mohammad Bhat Almadni Sahab and Shafat Farooqi we decided to approach the court. In December 2017 Instant application had been filed in the court of Munsiff, ( Sub-Registrar), Srinagar on 23-12-2017 seeking implementation of status quo under order 39 rule 3 CPC for grant of ad interim relief.(also under section 151 CPC).We also approached Jamiat Ahlehadees Barbarshah Srinagar but they showed no interest in the matter, instead of that they supported Irfan Ahmad Mugloo and members of Jamiat Ahlehadees Halqa Rainawari evidence of which is their press briefing in print media and social Media.

On 25-06-2018 Irfan Ahmad Mugloo along with goons of his Organisation ( Jamiat Ahlihadees Halqa Rainawari) approximately 40 to 50 in number used muscle power and broke the locks of the Masjid vandalized and damaged its doors windows, took away all the belongings of the Masjid (matting, carpets, Loud Speaker System Inverter Battery etc.) and gave its possession to whom he had sold the Masjid ( Mohammad Sultan zanda ) by using force. The whole episode was uploaded in social Media and print media. We approached concerned S.H.O, but he did not take necessary action. We have filed a complaint to S.H.O police Station Rainawari, District Magistrate Srinagar, Inspector General of Police but till date no action/FIR has been taken/lodged into the matter. Irfan Ahmad Mugloo had made fake back dated sale documents of the Masjid and had also grabbed Rs 385000 from the Masjid account besides grabbing huge amount in cash. This is a grave issue which is against Islamic Law (Shariah) and moral and Legal Law of the Land. In this regard general public, Intellectuals , Scholars, various social and religious organizations are requested to come forward and raise their voices against this un-Islamic and illegal act in order to prevent such episodes in future.

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