Marwari man beaten up, shaved off beard by family for embracing Islam

Islam Raza, born as Jithendar Ghisaram into a traditional Hindu Marwari family, converted to Islam 10, February 2017. He marks this day as his best day of life. Being aware of the fact that he belonged to an orthodox Hindu family, Raza never expected his family to allow him to embrace Islam.

But when his father called him to come home , Raza obeyed him and came back to home. Once he was back at home, he faced the brutalities of his own family. Raza was beaten and humiliated. His hair and beard were shaved off, and he was forced to convert back to Hinduism. He was kept in confinement for a week before he finally escaped. Now, his own parents have set the police on his tail, accusing him of stealing from them, and even hinting that he may be involved with anti-national elements.

Finally Raza gave up to his family pressure and joined the family business in textiles. Raza also got married as per his parents wishes.

But inclination towards Islam only grew stronger over the years. On January 6,2017, he fled to Mumbai with the sole aim to embrace Islam and become a practising Muslim. He found a job at call centre where he got in touch with a Muslim mate who eventually introduced him to a Molvi.

Finally, the day came for Raza when Molvi helped him to embrace Islam on February 10, 2017, and took the name Mohammad Islam Raza Khan.

Then Raza wanted to acquire more knowledge about Islam, in his quest he left his job and joined a Madrasa at Ahmednagar. At madrasa Raza updated his Aadhaar number on his PayTM account which helped his parents and police trace him out.

Raza was zeroed and taken back to his home. Once Raza was home, he found his family supportive, reverse to what Raza had expected. For days Raza was encouraged but o 19 April, he was sent to Bilara, Rajasthan to drop his sister. But after a week Raza was pounced upon by his whole family and relatives, who forced Raza to shave off his beard and forced him to convert back to Hinduism.

Raza’s clothes, books and all belongings were burnt down. He was caged once again by his family.
On 2 may, Raza managed to escape to an undisclosed location after fearing for his life.
Police have registered a case based on the complaint filed by Raza’s father in which Raza has been accused of stealing Rs 1.7 lakh and 53 gm of gold.

His father, Tejaram Ghisaram alleges that his son has been brainwashed.
This claim has been refuted by Raza when he said that he was an adult and has every right to choose his path. He further threatened to sue his parents if they continue to bother him.

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