Maldives political crisis: Minister cites Kashmir issue, asks India not to interfere in its internal affairs

New Delhi: A Maldivian minister, Mohamed Shainee on Tuesday asked India to ‘stay away’ from their country’s political crisis, as it was an internal matter for the nation just like the Kashmir issue is for India.

Maldives does not interfere in the internal matters of India, and India should also trust Maldives to solve its problems on its own, the minister said.

Maldives slipped into a political crisis when on February 5, President Abdulla Yameen imposed a state of emergency in defiance of a Supreme Court order to release political prisoners. Two Supreme Court judges and a former president were arrested soon after.

India called it unconstitutional, which got a criticism from Maldives.

“Why haven’t we gone into the Kashmir issue and asked to be an intermediary?” said Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture Mohamed Shainee, according to The Times of India. “Because they are internal matters. India should stay away from our issue. We are independent and capable of dealing with the situation. If we need help, we will let India know.”

Shainee heads the all-party talks in Maldives to resolve the political crisis.

Maldives “may be a small country” but is “independent and patriotic”, Shainee said. He said a “third party” has started negotiations to resolve the political crisis in Maldives. He did not say who the “third party” is, except that it is neither India nor China.

After India criticised the state of emergency, Chinese state media reacted, saying New Delhi should not interfere in the affairs of the Maldives.

(Inputs: NNB)

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