Libraries and Research employees accuse two brothers of dictating terms in the department

Srinagar, Sep 29: The office of the Deputy Director Libraries and Research, Kashmir Division has been taken hostage by two brothers who have reportedly wrought havoc in the office by sitting on the files and are acting like dictators for the for the poor employees which can be realized by the hue and cry being raised by the employees of Ladakh region whose salaries have not been released from past three months.

The employees of Tehsil Zanskar are also without salaries from past six months.

The employees from Ladakh region alleged that during winter season, the funds for hard coke and firewood are not released for Ladakh libraries while their counterparts in Srinagar are provided gas heaters and other facilities.

They said that the salary of an employee has been kept withheld without any reason despite the fact that the said employee has got appointed in another department but till date the pending due are not cleared by the two brothers on one or the other pretext.

The employees alleged that those who raise voice against these two brothers are being muzzled by them with the help of their supporters working in the same department. “The relatives of these two brothers seldom attend the office as they run their own business and can be frequently seen stationed in Kashmir capital Srinagar,” the employees from Ladakh region told news agency CNS.

They said that wages of sweepers who are working in the Libraries on a meager sum of Rs one thousand per month have not been disbursed by these two brothers from past one year which can easily be verified from the official records, notwithstanding, the funds for the same purpose have been released.

“We brought the issue into the notice of Deputy Director Libraries Kashmir but all in vain,” they said and sought the intervention of higher authorities.

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