Let us Unite to safeguard the Constitution Status of J&K

Dr Aga Syed Ahmad Al Mousavi

People want freedom from illegal occupation as crime and violence have crossed all the limits in the state, Justice and rights of state Subjects are already in danger, now tactics are been played to change the demography of the state. All these developments against the people of the state of J&K are well enough To understand that India has failed To win the hearts of the people and has completely failed the political battle in the troubled state .

We can put everything on stake even our lives to protect Article 35A and any move against it will bring disaster in whole World Particularly in India. Every individual of the state irrespective of Religion, region, Sex, and caste had united To safeguard our constitutional status.

From Last thirty oKashmiri’sears we kashmri’s are fighting for freedom under different banners .But the policies of the BJP has proved productive as it has successfully united all the of us despite different tags and banners.

India has done every effort to destroy Kashmir Nation and people. They are involved in killing innocent people ,raping Women folk, torching children and continued human rights violations.

Once India was known as a secular country of the world where every religion was treated equal but this country has now become the land of crimes and criminals. The relationship between Israel and India is giving clearance that now India is no more secure and secular country. Let enemies use its full might To change the demography but as usual, Kashmiris have always proved Victorious in such situations.

The Author is Student at Almustifa international university Qum Iran.
Author Can be Contacted on syedpsychology12@gmail.com

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