Kashmiris and Pakistanis in Joburg protest against Indian atrocities in Kashmir

JOHANNESBURG: People from Kashmiri and Pakistani communities on Saturday gathered in Joburg in front of the Wanders cricket Stadium, and held protests, wherein India and South Africa match was being played.
The aim behind the protests was to highlight atrocities committed by Indian forces in Kashmir Valley, particularly the use of pellet guns which has left many civilians blind.

Kashmiri activists gathered holding banners and chanted slogans. They also held banners with pictures of pellet victims to highlight the atrocities to the public of South Africa. Activists also urged the United Nations to implement their long outstanding UN Security Council resolution on Kashmir which gives an opportunity to hold a plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir.

South Africans who had come to watch the match witnessed the protest. It is the first time that so many South Africans were exposed to pictures of Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

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