Kashmiris must speak in one voice for global support: Experts

Birmingham: The seminar held in Birmingham on Sunday by Kashmir Voice International (KVI) featured speakers from both India and Pakistan.
A seminar on international awareness about the Jammu and Kashmir issue made remarks that neither militancy nor military operations could find a solution of problems evolving between India and Pakistan, and speakers pleaded for more action to raise it at the international level.
Kashmir Voice International (KVI), an organization comprising UK-based individuals with origins in the Kashmir Valley, on Sunday, that featured various speakers from India and Pakistan who reacted on the theme of support at the international level for the Kashmir’s unnoticed issue.
“Military operations or militancy cannot solve the Kashmir dispute. It is the responsibility of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, where they live to convince the international community that Kashmir is the issue of life and honor of 20 million people,” justice Sharief Hussain hailing from Lahore made his remarks during the seminar.
KVI chairman MA Raina said the best way to resolve the Kashmir issue required all communities to come under one umbrella, Raina further said, speakers were united in their view that the issue has not the desired support at the international level because Kashmiris around the world had failed to merge and follow a common agenda, a statement from the organisation said.
The best way to resolve the issue was for all communities to come together and seek a suitable solution, Raina added.
Srinagar-based academic, Siddiq Wahid said, after the Shimla Agreement, Kashmir was treated a bilateral issue and India now consider it a subjective issue. India’s flourishing economic power and political influence at the international level was accompanied by decreasing support for the Kashmir issue, he said.
One of the speakers put his remarks that the Hurriyat Conference failed in gaining the international opinion on Kashmir issue, he regretted  Kashmir has more critical issues than “azadi”.
Speakers present at the seminar included Ravinder Pandita from Delhi, Khurshid Nehami, a UK-based engineer hailing from Srinagar, Azmat Khan of the JKLF, Rana Shama Nazir, Sumara Farooq, Nighat Iftikar and Rifat Mughal, the statement said.

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