Kashmiri prisoners in Udhampur jail treated like animals: Alleges Muslim League

Srinagar, May 30: Muslim League Jammu Kashmir has condemned the maltreatment of political prisoners in Udhampur Jail during the holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement to CNS, Muslim League Spokesperson Sajad Ayoubi alleged that prisoners are being harassed at Udhampur jail. He said jail authorities are torturing the inmates mentally and physically and there are reports said that animal like treatment is given to the Kashmiri prisoners.

He said that India has defeated all the records of human rights violations. “Dr Qasim Faktoo and Feroz Ahmed Dar of Sopore have been lodged in cells with dacoits and criminals. Jail authorities provide them rotten food during the time of Sehri and Iftaar. Their health has deteriorated ,” the spokesperson said.

Sajad Ayoubi said that besides Udhampur Jail, there are jails in India where Kashmiri prisoners are being harassed and subdued. “We seek the intervention of Human Rights organizations to put an end to such evil deeds and ask India to stop treating Kashmiri prisoners as animals,” he said.

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