Kashmiri JNU students beaten up for demanding Justice for Asifa

New Delhi: The Kashmiri students from JNU gathered in front of the Jammu and Kashmir for a peaceful demonstration on a call given by the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU), on January 22, 2018.

JNU Students Union had called for the demonstration against the negligence of the Jammu and Kashmir government and the police regarding the alleged rape and murder of Asifa, an eight-year-old girl from Jammu division’s Kathua district.

The demonstrators demanded the termination of the Senior Superintendent of Police and the arrest of miscreant while holding posters, they faced brute force and lathi-charge in front of the Jammu and Kashmir Bhawan in New Delhi.
The demonstrators faced brutality and most of the demonstrators were from Jammu and Kashmir, they were complaining about the brutality of the local police at the Jammu and Kashmir Bhawan.

A Ph.D. scholar from the Center for Study of Law and Governance, Tarif Sohail, told the Free Press Kashmir, ” 30-40 students from Jammu and Kashmir who are brutally beaten up. Women students were also beaten. Some of the students from Jammu and Kashmir are missing. We do not know where they are. Some of us are detained right now. We are brutally beaten up because of our state of residence.”

According to the sources available to us, Aasifa was raped and killed at Heranagar in Kathua district, her body was found in nearby forests, the minor girl was missing since January 10 and she was traced in Rassana area of Heranagar on January 17.
Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir police on Friday arrested a 15-year-old boy, who has confessed the crime.

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