Kashmir and Karnataka worst states for free speech and media freedom in 2017, finds report

The Hoot confirmed that the police, party workers, right-wing activists and non-state sectors were primarily behind the attacks on journalists.
Hoot reported on Friday in its  “The Indian Freedom Report: Media freedom and freedom of expression in 2107”, it revealed 11 journalists were killed in 2107.
While 2 killings were reported from Haryana, Tripura and Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab saw one each killing.
Among these 11 killings, only three cases were found to be connected with their work. These three include Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead outside her Bengaluru home on 5th of September, and two other journalists Santanu Bhowmick and Sudip Datta Bhowmik in Tripura, while 27 were arrested for denigration, sedition, and cybercrime.
Sikkim is the most trouble-free state in the country when it comes to
free speech and media freedom, while the media in Kashmir witnessed worst barring. Internet was blocked more than 40 times in the valley during 2017. Karnataka,  on the other side, had the highest number of state action for internet and social media-related incidents.
Maharashtra had the highest number (19) of defamation cases, followed by Delhi, where eleven cases of defamation were reported, while in Andhra Pradesh journalists were either attacked or threatened the most times. The number of defamation cases dropped hugely in Tamil Nadu, after the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalitha in 2016.
The major offenders were found to be police (13 cases) politicians and
political workers (10 cases), right-wing activists (3 cases)
and other non-state actors.
The police, political leaders, and their aide were involved in attacking
camerapersons and stringers more. “Most times stringers are vulnerable to the attacks”,
President of the Andhra Pradesh Journalist Forum, Krishnanjeneyulu told The Hoot,
the forum gets 20 complaints of threats, attacks, and abuse annually from media persons.
Constitution of India has enshrined the freedom of speech and expression,
still, the horrible, humiliating, deadening incidents to suppress the voice of press are happening in India. A recent brutal murder of Gauri Lankesh, a  journalist had raised the concerns for the press freedom in India. Moreover,
The world press freedom index shows that India has slipped three positions from the rank 136 in 2017.

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