Kashmir changed into ocean of tears and blood

Cycle of violence must be Stopped before whole Asia will be engulfed in its Ambit

Renowed PHD Scholar Of Psychology from home town of Syed Shujait Bukhar’s District Baramulla told in a press statement that Kashmir as we all know is the paradise on earth has been changed into a flush point by the enemies with soft tactics and strategies.

The Killings and Counter Killings on daily basis have made life of every ordinary Kashmiri Vulnerable here, on Contrary, people who want to bring peace and speak truth are been targetted and Killed by labelling Anti National, foreign agent, terrorist, Sepratist and So on. Scholars, Intellectuals, peace lovers and Well regarded Citizens have been dumped in their rooms due to the fear and atmosphere created systamatically . The system is organised in such a way that Hundrends of Journalists and Human Right Activists have been Killed and targetted in Kashmir without any culprit punished and touched till date. It seems that System is providing cover to the Killers.

The Cold blooded murder of top level Intellectual, Internationally reputed Journalist and a champion of Human Rights Dr Syed Shujait Bukhari is an eye opener to understand the plight of the Crisis and misfortunes in Kashmir.

Today Black hearted killers Silenced the pen with Gun, have set across a strong message for all of us not to use pen, otherwise be melted with the showers of gun. It is shocking that the killers in every episode remains unknown gunmen in Kashmir.

Bukhari was a strong Voice of Kashmir and voiceless , always highlighted the Kashmir cause and mass Human Rights Violations by the hands of security forces at international level. He was working for the human rights violation in Kashmir but once again criminals and murders have killed the son of the soil in the pious month of Ramadan . To fill up the space of this great loss is irreparable. We have lost Bukhari but not his mission and will surely push it to its logical conclusion.

Dr Syed Ahmad Shah
Compleated Doctoral Degree in Psychology and at Contemporary Studying Islamic Studies at Qom in Jamia Al Mustafa International University Iran.

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