JKYJA slams government’s insurance policy for select journos

Srinagar, SEP 15: Jammu and Kashmir Young Journalist Association (JKYJA) has lambasted the state government for extending Group mediclaim insurance policy to accredited journalists and their five family members only while ignoring an overwhelming majority that has been working on ground zero but is non-accredited.

JKYJA called an emergency meet at its headquarters in Lalchowk and discussed the issue threadbare, calling the government decision regrettable.

JKYJA President Ajaz Ahmad War said: “JKYJA condemns this move that iognores a huge number of non-accredited journalists. Leaving out an overwhelming majority of journalists who are facing the daily risks of conflict zone is dangerous and shows the state’s attitude towards the fourth estate.”

Terming the decision unfortunate, War said: “It is unfortunate to note that while the accredited journalists get all the benefits and felicitations from the state, apart from the huge revenue of advertisement and handsome salaries, non-accredited journalists are bypassed on every count and left to fend for themselves.”

Furthermore, JKYJA made it clear that committees run by the government to decide the accreditation standards are not working on professional lines. They should work in tune with the need of the time, read a JKYJA statement.

The JKYJA urged government to address the issues pertaining to the working journalists and said that government should come clear on the overall paradigms of insurance and accreditation policy.

It said the policy pertaining to welfare of journalists in Kashmir framed by the government lacks substance, vision and matter.

Scores of JKYJA members attended the meet.

JKYJA vowed to carry forward the real issues faced by journalists and seek their solutions.

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