Jamaat-e-Islami refused to help me when I approached them to convert to Islam : Hadiya

Kerala-based Hadiya, who was being projected by Indian media and intelligence agencies as ‘victim of LOVE JIHAD’ has given a big jolt to the conspirators of  LOVE JIHAD and punctured the conspiracy theory in her own style.

Hadiya while addressing the media persons on Sunday, she said, ‘I grateful to the Supreme Court for allowing me to reunite with my  husband.’

Days after the apex court set aside a Kerala High Court order annulling her marriage with a Muslim man, Hadiya told reporters that the order was one that gave freedom to her to stand by a faith which she believed was right.

No other person in the country should experience the pain and suffering like the one she underwent, Hadiya said.

“My legal struggle lasted roughly for two years and the six months I spent with my parents were horrible. I was literally under house arrest. I lost two precious years of my life. I don’t think my parents would want to harm me but they were under the influence of some anti-national forces, they are using them (parents) for political benefits,” she added.

“Both Jamaat-e-Islami and Tarbiyyath refused to help me when I approached them with my desire to embrace Islam. It was only PFI  which came out in my support and stood by me and helped us fight the case legally in the apex court,”

When I decided to embrace Islam as my religion, I approached a lot of Muslim bodies to help me. Even when my issue became a controversy, these Muslim bodies joined my criticisers,” she told reporters after calling on the Popular Front of India (PFI) leaders here along with her husband Shafin Jahan.

Referring to that controversy Hadiya’s  Husband Shafin Jahan told Muslim Mirror that “there should be no more controversies over it, but the fact is that Jamat e Islami didn’t give any help to Hadiya when she needed.

He also told that now many Muslim organizations have offered their support to us including Jamat e Islami.

In order to help Hadiya, the PFI (Kerala state unit) appealed to the masses to donate charitably to fight the battle legally in Apex court, and within half an hour after Friday prayer its cadres collected over 80 lakhs rupees from across the state.

—with Muslim Mirror inputs.

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