Issue of strikes on Indian security forces needs to be looked into, says Yashwant Sinha

Repeated strikes on security forces needed to be looked, measures to deal with militant did not yield results.
NEW DELHI: Senior  BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Sunday said the issue  of repeated strikes  on security forces need to be looked into and lamented that India looked ‘weak’ after such attacks showed that the measures  taken to deal with terrorists had not yielded  results and  asked the Centre to take all possible steps to prevent such incidents to happen in future.

Former Union minister told reporters, “It needs to be looked at seriously that why such attacks are happening on the bases of our security forces, their camps. This happens nowhere. There are several countries exposed to terror threats, but none of them feels as weak, as helpless as we seem to be today.”
Sinha said as a country, India needed to make sure that it would not allow such attacks to take place on the soil.

“The same army camp was attacked in 2003 as well. There were intelligence inputs then about the attack. This is something that no nation will feel proud about,” he added.
Sinha, who has criticized the Centre on a number of issues, this time took a serious note Union Minister Rajanth Singh, saying bullets were fired from LoC, in spite of Rajnath’s assertion that India ‘would not count bullets, if it attacked.”
“Everyday bullets are being fired from Pakistan. Our people are dying. This should not be tolerated,” Sinha said.

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