Israeli PM, Netanyahu says Israel, India both face threat from radical Islam

New Delhi: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday he was discussing with India ways to strengthen the Security cooperation between the two countries against the threat of Islamist radicalism that two democracies face.

Netanyahu talked while on a six-day tour to India, the first by an Israeli chief for a long time, and is being feted by Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, whose Hindu patriot party has since quite a while ago respected Israel for its intense stance against psychological warfare.

India, careful about Arab countries on which it was reliant for oil, and paying attention to the assumptions of its own vast Muslim minority, kept a separation from Israel for quite a long time. Be that as it may, under Modi, the two sides have grasped a nearer relationship in light of security and financial aspects.

The conservative Netanyahu told a security gathering that India and Israel were two popular governments with a characteristic proclivity, yet their open and liberal social orders confronted dangers.

“Our lifestyle is being tested, most notably, the journey for advancement, the mission for development (are) being tested by radical Islam and its psychological militant branches from an assortment of corners,” he said.

Both Israel and India have long tried to counter aggressor Islamists – for Israel’s situation, mainly from Gaza and Egypt’s Sinai locale and, for India’s situation, for the most part from Pakistan. Far from the general population eye, India and Israel have been coordinating against the risk through, to a limited extent, knowledge sharing, officials say.

“We’ve talked about in this visit how we can strengthen our two countries in the regular citizen territories, in security regions, in every area,” Netanyahu told the meeting.

His trip to India comes only a half year after Modi made the first trip by an Indian PM to Israel, amid which he turned out poorly Ramallah, the seat of the self-decision Palestinian Authority and a standard stop for pioneers going by the district.

Netanyahu visited the Taj Mahal on Tuesday and will likewise visit Modi’s home territory of Gujarat and India’s money financial capital Mumbai.

He will join an 11-year-old Israeli kid, Moshe Holtzberg, whose parents were killed by Pakistan-based aggressors in Mumbai in 2008, for a remembrance occasion at Mumbai’s Jewish focus where the assault occurred.

The kid, who lives with his grandparents in Israel, landed on Tuesday as a visitor of Modi.

Source: Reuters

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